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Your Gang Sheet Design

Your Gang Sheet Design

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  • Looking for a game-changer in your DTF transfer production?
  • Look no further than our Gang Sheet. What is a Gang Sheet?
  • It's a revolutionary tool that allows you to print multiple custom DTF transfers on a single sheet, maximizing efficiency and minimizing waste.
  • With Gang Sheets, you can streamline your workflow, optimize resources, and increase productivity.
  • Need custom DTF transfers near you?
  • Your images must be png and the background must be transparent.
  • Resolution 300 dpi is recommended.
  • In gang sheet designs, width must be 22''

What Is A Gang Sheet?

A gang sheet in the context of DTF (Direct-to-Film) printing refers to a large sheet of transfer film that contains multiple designs or images arranged together. Instead of printing individual designs separately, a gang sheet allows multiple designs to be printed simultaneously on a single sheet, optimizing printing efficiency and reducing material waste.

DTF transfer gang sheets are commonly used in DTF printing processes, where the designs are printed onto the transfer film, and then transferred onto garments or other substrates using a heat press. By arranging multiple designs on a single sheet, businesses can maximize productivity, reduce production time, and achieve cost savings in the printing process.

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